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About AVAZBOT Limited

AVAZBOT LIMITED is a mental health services company that has developed proprietary AI technology to provide simple and effective Free mental health signposting for businesses and schools and premium (paid for) upgrades to create personalised Employee/Student Assistance Programmes (EAP) and offering Live Chat support using qualified mental health professionals.

We are working with partners (including mental health charities) to deliver a free basic service to businesses and schools using AI monitoring of the dialog to recommend sources of information or immediate/scheduled real life assistance.

AVAZBOT have licensed its technology on a royalty free basis to a new social enterprise called talk2alfie CIC (www.talk2alfie.com) which provides online services, including live counselling to support troubled adolescents. It combines the AVAZBOT AI capability with live chat. AVAZBOT is a highly customisable Chatbot that any enterprise can deploy to provide a focus and resource for its employees to seek advice and receive counsel.


We call our FREE to use BOT for Business – “AMY”.

By adding 2 lines of code to your intranet site, it creates a button on the bottom right corner, which says “Ask Amy”.

AMY then provides a question-and-answer service that will signpost your employees to appropriate resources to support the following mental health issues

  • Financial Problems - How to address indebtedness and the burden of debt
  • Work related - Stress related to the work environment – trouble with the boss, co-workers, harassment in the workplace etc
  • Family/marital problems - Problems at home with the spouse, children and other dependents.
  • Drug or alcohol dependency - A range of options of where to go, in complete confidence to get support for issues such as Alcohol Anonymous, Cocaine anonymous and other outreach support groups.
  • General mental health - A basic level of identification of typical mental health issues, such as anxiety, suicide, depression, loneliness and isolation and signposting to services that provide help.

Business Premium Services

You can turn AMY into your own Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) with our premium level of services that allow us to work together to customise the user experience and content to incorporate your own programmes, local initiatives and even offer independent, secure and confidential LIVE CHAT.
Premium Service Set up - £250 per day – minimum 1 day (typically sufficient).
Premium Monthly Charge - £250 a month
Premium PLUS Live Monthly Charge - £250 a month

Customisation and Personalisation
Change look, name, style and content

Dashboard and Monthly reports on usage, mst requested help etc

In depth Help and support
More analysis and interaction

Premium + Live
Live interaction with trained professional counsellors by text


Designed specifically to support mental health issues. Easy for mental health professionals to adapt and evolve.



  • The ability to ask any question and collect the result
  • Question / Answers can be: Text, Multiple Choice or Radio Buttons “Yes / No”
  • Deployable on ANY webserver with no delay to loading times
  • Just a simple one line of code



  • Connect to live human operators trained to the highest standard
  • All conversations are logged ensuring both safety and security for all parties involved
  • Ability to have UNLIMITED operators ensuring every call gets answered



  • Easy for Mental Health Professionals and Operators to adapt and evolve
  • Providing a "Triage" system ensuring serious cases are prioritised
  • A Secure and confidential platform



Ready to go – Just add content


1 line of code inserted in your HTML of either internal or external platform enables the service


Works with Google Tag Manager


Intended to be customised and personalised


Adaptable in an instant


Enables the operator to respond to feedback quickly


The issues we address

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

Over the course of your life, if you experience mental health problems, your thinking, mood, and behaviour could be affected.

Almost half of adults (46.4 percent) will experience a mental illness during their lifetime.

COVID has made the situation much more extreme. Government and academia are concerned about a rise in suicides as a result of lockdowns – and home working.

These are the types of disorder that AVAZBOT can assist with...

Mood Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Personality Disorder

Impulse Control and Addiction Disorder


AVAZBOT can deliver an online and interactive questionnaire, ask questions and seek a dialog, analyzing the responses to raise concerns to counsellors / advisors.


CHARLEY is our Schools mental health assistant – designed specifically to address some of the most common mental health issues facing school age children.

Charley is a FREE Service to all schools and colleges in the UK.

Register and we will send you 2 lines of code to add to your school web site. This creates a button on the bottom right corner, which says “Ask CHARLEY”.

Charley will then interact with a student in a Q and A session to identify and provide signposting support on the following youth related concerns

Bullying - recommendations on addressing this issue
School issues - problems with teachers, coursework, other students and other scholastic issues
Mental health - social media interaction, family problems (e.g., alcoholism, domestic abuse in the family) and other younger people concerns (e.g. environment, future prospects, social acceptance.
Physical health - often the cause or part of mental health problems. Addressing embarrassing issues like periods, wet dreams in confidence
Sexual issues - harassment and abuse and identity issues.



You can turn CHARLEY in to your own AI based Schools Assistant with our premium level of services that allow us to provide you with a customised school stakeholder interaction system, involving students, teachers and parents.

The following are options that can be tailored to your school environment and integrate with existing systems.
Customisation and Personalisation - Change look, name, style and content
Student Voice - Allow every pupil to raise issues, and concerns
Talk to Teacher - Interact with pastoral care team
Parent Zone - Parents can interact to report student issues (absences etc) requested help etc
Reporting - Online dashboard and monthly reports
Premium + Live - Live interaction with trained professional counsellors by text

Premium Service Set up - £250 per day – minimum 1 day (typically sufficient).
Premium Monthly Charge - £250 a month
Premium PLUS Live Monthly Charge - £250 a month

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